Who is this course for?

What is this course NOT about?

This is a beginner course and is a solid stepping stone in the long journey of learning to code. So, let us set the right expectations!

  • This course does not teach you block-based (i.e. Scratch) coding.
  • This course is not about building an iPhone or Android app. Finishing this course will make learning to build an app easier, though.
  • Don’t expect to build the next Call of Duty or Zelda or Super Mario by the end of the course.

Who is this course for?

This course is not for everyone. Children ages 10 and up with little or no prior coding knowledge are the ideal audience.

Ok, I did some Scratch programming before. Do I still need to learn Python?

If you dabbled in block-based coding, such as Scratch, get ready to go one level deep and learn the real stuff. With Python, you can solve real-world problems and even get a coding job if you learn enough concepts!

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