What tools do I need to start coding?

What tools do I need to start coding in Python?

You will need a computer with an Internet browser and an Internet connection. But wait, since you are reading this, you must use a browser on a computer with an Internet connection already!!!

Tools Needed

  1. Computer (Pick any of the below)
Personal computer or desktop
laptop or chromebook or macbook
Laptop / Chromebook / Macbook
Ipad or tablet
  1. Browser (Pick any of the below)
chrome web browser icon
firefox web browser
safari web browser
internet explorer web browser
Internet Explorer
Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Edge
  1. Internet Connection (Pick any of the below)
wifi internet connectivity
ethernet cable for internet connectivity
Ethernet Connection

Note: For the browser, we recommend Chrome, but you should be OK with any of the above options.

Do I need to buy, download or install anything?

No, No, and another NO!

What else do I need?

You need to know how to use a QWERTY keyboard and type at a reasonable speed. Don’t worry; we don’t expect you to type as fast as the Kermit below. But if you do, please send us your video, we can use yours.

You must also know how to operate a computer mouse or a touchpad found on laptop devices. The keyboard and mouse/touchpad are optional for an iPad.

  1. QWERTY Keyboard
QWERTY keyboard typing
  1. Mouse or touchpad
computer mouse
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