What does this course promise to help with?

What does this course promise to help with?

When you complete this course:

pinky promise to achieve set goals
  • You will learn to communicate with your computer with text commands.
  • You will get a solid understanding of fundamental coding concepts that are common across all the professional coding languages.
  • You will learn to read and code simple Python programs and games.
  • You will have made lots of mistakes and broken tons of things. That’s right!
  • You will get introduced to problem-solving techniques.
  • You can share, show off, and brag about fun projects you built during the course.
  • Above all, have loads of fun doing all the above.

Sample Projects

Here a couple of sample projects that you can build by the end of this course.

Click on the trinket run button Run button to see the programs in action.

Rock Paper Scissors

The program below simulates the classic rock-paper-scissors game. Get ready to play the game with the computer!

The Taco Shop

The program below simulates your typical transaction at a Taco shop. Run the program and experiment with different inputs.

Now that you know what to expect, let’s look at the tools we need to get us there.

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